How to Send Emulsion by Courier


Bubble wrap

Parcel tape

Strong Cardboard box

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

When sending emulsion paint, make sure that the lid on the metal, or plastic, paint container containing the paint is securely sealed, using paint tin clips. Then securely fasten the lid in place, in both directions, ideally using a band-it, banding tool. If you do not have access to one of these, you can use reinforced parcel tape or duct tape, again, applied in two directions, to securely hold the lid in place.

Once you have completed this, please wrap the entire paint container with bubble wrap and secure in place with parcel tape. Please then place the paint tin inside a secure polythene bag, this it to contain any paint in the bag, in the event that the paint leaked from the tin. You can then securely tie the bag with a cable tie.

Once this is completed, place the tin inside a double walled cardboard box and fill the cardboard box with packing materials or foam peanuts. Make sure there are enough peanuts in the box to keep the paint container from moving around during transit. Once packed, shake the box to make sure that is held securely in place. If you can hear the tin moving about, please add further packing material. When you are happy that the paint cannot move about, seal the box securely with 2 to 3 layers of strong parcel tape. Where possible, we recommend double boxing paints, where the first box is placed within a larger box, with a wall of packing material between the inner and outer box.

If you are sending 2.5 ltr paint tins, or larger, these must be packed in separate boxes. No more than one tin per box. Do not send the larger 10 ltr plastic containers, they are too heavy for this service and are easily damaged in transit.

Once this is complete, print off and attach your parcel label to the box.

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